I’ve got a plan, I’ve got an atlas in my hands. I’m gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I’ve learned.(x)

 I’ve got a plan, I’ve got an atlas in my hands. I’m gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I’ve learned.(x)


I’ve got a plan, I’ve got an atlas in my hands. I’m gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I’ve learned.(x)


But Emma is definitely into that hook.

Killian is all worried that she couldn’t love a man with one hand.
But she flirts with him by playing with his hook.

94672% certain Emma has a metal kink.
Between the constant handcuffing him and the metal chains in her apartment… and now this.

I’m not even joking.

And neither was Jmo.

"There’s something sexy about that hook."

Jack Gleeson - Good Guy vs Evil Guy

I don’t watch GoT but god I fucking love him

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QuestionHave you named your....hook? Answer


Your pause makes me think you’re asking about something else.


Emma grew up feeling lonely and unloved. She probably never had anybody praise her or encourage her. And now she has this new life with a family that loves her but the thing that makes her special and makes her the Savior is something that they are mistrustful of - basically every human magic user they’ve known has been evil.

Emma has been reluctant to accept this part of herself. Her magical role models being Regina and Rumple it’s no surprise she’s scared of what could happen if she pursues it; and Henry and Neal both expressed a fear and resentment of their parents reliance on magic.

But Hook is the ONE person in Emma’s life that has been fully supportive of her magic. No fear, no resentment, no misgivings, no jealously. He’s the one person who wanted her to embrace it not because it could be useful, but because it’s a part of her and it makes her special.

He made her FEEL GOOD about that part of herself. HE PRAISED HER FOR IT.

She could flirt with him or try to cheer him up in any number of ways but she chooses to use her magic. Because he’s told her it makes her amazing. And now she is so excited to show off for him. She wants to impress him. She wants him to be PROUD OF HER!

And it’s going to fall flat.

Honestly when is Emma going to get a break? She’s finally accepted her magic and finally accepted her feelings for Hook. And in her attempt to show him how far she’s come she’s going to be denied the two things she most needs from him - the two things she never had growing up - love and praise.

This is all kinds of not OK. I’m excited that she’s trying to be flirty. But really, can’t she just get ONE episode where she’s happy?


It’s not surprising that Hook doesn’t tell anyone about his curse in ‘Bleeding Through.’

Practically speaking, it’s a Regina episode, so not a lot of time for CS. But character-wise, the immediacy of the moment has passed. He was clearly going to tell Charming at the end of 3.17, but he didn’t get the opportunity. Charming wasn’t there, and when he did get there he didn’t want to raise Emma’s suspicions by asking for (another) bro moment.

Now that he’s had time to sit on it, he’s going to be even more reluctant to talk about it. He can’t take her magic away, but her family is at risk if he doesn’t so he has to protect them. (They’d be at risk even if he wasn’t cursed, so Zelena is clearly trying to play the guilt card even further with Hook and this whole curse thing.)

Since he didn’t get to tell Charming, and hasn’t told anyone the next day, I think Emma will be the one to get it out of him. She’s clearly noticed that he’s not his usual self, so I’d expect her to push the issue in 3.19. He is, after all, the one always pushing her to open up. About time the tables were turned.

"Vanishes the hot chocolate to Hook’s table"


*flies into the sun* 

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ok but the "vanishes the hot chocolate to Hook’s table" implies that he was sitting by himself and Emma seeks him out and uses the hot chocolate as an excuse to sit with him because she wants to show off her powers to him and because she’s that concerned about his bad mood

I totally called the Emma seeking him out bit.


lol at swan queeners filling our tags with hate.


lol that gif


Uggggh the CS spoilers. Just.



SHE NOTICES HE’S NOT HIMSELF AND IT CONCERNS HER ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. SHE NOTICES HE’S CLOSED OFF AND IT BOTHERS HER, PROBABLY MORE THAN SHE’D EVER EXPECT. Because here’s a guy who has never wavered, not once, in supporting her, and suddenly he’s different and she has no idea why. She has no idea but she wants it to stop and she wants him to not be weird because it’s making her see and notice the giant pirate-shaped hole he leaves when he isn’t this constant, steady, unmovable fixture. Something that she has practically never had before and doesn’t want to lose. CAN’T lose.

And she could have done ANYTHING. Joked about it, offered alcohol (lol), something, anything, but she very blatantly chose showing him she’s really putting everything into this magic shit. Because not long before, he would have been so pleased with it. Assumes he’ll be happy she’s finally accepting and trying to get in touch with the potential he has always seen in her and tried to encourage her to not shy away from it.  How could she know it’d have the opposite effect?

It ultimately makes me think the talk they have together in the last ep before all the shit went down really did have a big impact on her willingness to at least give keeping an open mind a go.

I just can’t. ;___;



i once saw a post where someone complained that "the writers and the cast are pushing emma towards killian but emma doesn’t want to be with killian" and i don’t even know how to begin to explain the stupidity of that statement


no but

if emma is vanishing/sending the hot cocoa (her favorite drink) to killian’s table trying to cheer him up, after all the times they’ve shared drinks together and she’s trying to make him smile and he’s just completely wrecked (because if he did tell them about the curse he’d have to tell them about everything with ariel and that’s the last thing he wants)

she’s offering him her drink to make him feel better after he kept offering her rum to make her feel better and she knows that’s how he says “i care for you” and now she’s trying to do the same thing




Let’s brace ourselves for all the Killian hate because he apparently didn’t tell anyone about the curse this episode *huge sigh*

honestly, fans should just be happy that a captain swan confession won’t overshadow an outlaw queen episode. plus this is going to be the most awkward confession ever. i’m okay with waiting for it. ‘uh, swan. the wicked witch thinks you and i will most likely be kissing in the near future, even though you said our first kiss was a one-time thing and you kneed me when i tried a true love kiss in nyc, so she cursed my lips to take all your magic.’ ‘….’ ‘…swan?’

but more importantly, this is going to be a defining moment for captain swan. killian will not only be revealing he’s been cursed but the extent of his feelings for emma. he will be incredibly vulnerable. and emma will have to make a choice. not just the choice to lose her magic or not but how she feels about killian. will she be like ‘oh, kissing you. not even a temptation. easy peasy.’ and totally crush his heart. or will she realize the extent of her feelings and be upset that zelena hurt killian and that she can’t kiss him now when realizes she wants to. obviously, we’re sure it’s the latter but killian, while he has hope, isn’t ready to be rejected yet.

and really, zelena was already coming after everyone emma loved. in many ways that was an empty threat. they’ve been in danger the whole time. in nyc, after walsh attacked her, emma admitted that she was never really safe. no one is.


the year is 2014 AD. the human race has existed for over 200,000 years. men still think women pee out of the vagina.